What is yoga?

Yoga is not about escaping the world, but truly living every day fully, with more energy, vibrant, clear and focused.

Turning Inward, a retreat that will lead you home

Retreat for a week of yoga, discussion, workshops, yoga nidra, meditation, excursions, crystal healing, incredible food and luxurious time in the sand and sun. Join Cynthia LaRoche, meditation teacher Banni Bunting + crystal healer Angela Goodstein

October 26th - November 2nd, 2019

Elevate Your Everyday

A workshop designed to understand how far you can reach

There is such a need right now to lift each other up, to know the immensity of our power and to believe that we are worthy of happiness. The tools shared in this workshop are meant to be relevant in your everyday life elevate even the most mundane to-do list.

2019 dates coming soon

Scouting the world to offer a new kind of travel experience

Born out of our curiosity to explore we offer one part culture and conservation, one part off-the-beaten-path adventure, one part yoga, and one part good clean-ish fun. 

Join our founders trip to Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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