What is yoga?

Yoga is not about escaping the world, but truly living every day fully, with more energy, vibrant, clear and focused.

Turning Inward, a retreat that will lead you home

Rejuvenate your whole being on a Mexico yoga retreat with yoga instructor Cynthia LaRoche, meditation teacher Banni Bunting + crystal healer Angela Goodstein

November 3rd-10th 2018

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Yoga for Brides

The trick to a flawless wedding day is feeling flawless within

Learn the easy secrets to being your most vibrant you. Join yoga instructor Cynthia LaRoche, crystal healer Angela Goodstein + Bliss Northwest Bridal

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Yoga Nidra will awaken the most amazing you

Summer Solstice Celebration: An evening of Yoga Nidra + Crystal Healing + Singing Bowls with Cynthia LaRoche, Angie Goodstein + Julie Bertanga 

Thursday June 21st 7:00-9:00pm

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