7 Steps To Restore Your Energy And Recover From #Springbreak2017

Spring break is coming to a close and if you are wondering why staying up past ten and ordering the skillet cookie for dessert makes you feel like you were in Daytona sleeping on the beach then keep reading. I love traveling but it takes a toll on my body and as much as I like being away I equally enjoy getting back into my routine. I used to make big declarations when I would return from a trip like; “I’m never eating sugar again!” Hmmmm, then what to do with the box of macaroons I grabbed at the bakery on my way to the airport? I’ve started using a little less force and an easier approach to getting back into the swing which makes reentry much more enjoyable. And here’s the beauty, you can start before you even get home!

  • In the airport or on the drive home begin overindulging in H2O!! Drink half your bodyweight in ounces. I can’t stress this enough. It’s my number one super tool. If you’ve ever seen me walk into the yoga studio to teach I carry a jug the size of head and a smaller water bottle. The jug is my secret weapon, it’s a 64 oz Drink Tank. I fill it up every morning with some sort of refreshing addition, usually mint or cucumber. You could use Rosemary, Basil...be creative. I recently asked my dentist about lemon or lime and she suggested that if I want a glass of lemon water, drink it and be done with it, don’t sip on it all day or it could wear away the enamel on your teeth. Your Drink Tank will keep your water cool for 24 hours and you won’t have to count glasses, you’ll know exactly how hydrated you are. A big shout out to Drink Tanks for giving you an amazing discount! Be sure to utilize your coupon code and get your Drink Tank today.
  • Once you're home give yourself permission to still be in vacation mode. Sure it’s nice to sleep in your own bed but we usually don’t want the fun to end. You did buy the macaroons or the bottle of wine that you loved so much and you want to look over the 700 pictures you took, get that filter just right and reminisce with your Pinot Noir. Once you get home give yourself a day or two to settle back in. Set a reasonable goal for yourself, “when this Toblerone bar is done then I go back to clean eating”. ENJOY!

  • I'm done feeling guilty over everything! Don’t beat yourself up for what you ate or drank on vacation. I mean, if we weren’t meant to splurge a little then what is vacation for anyway? Look back fondly on the memories you made and if there’s something you wish you would have done a little different, forgive yourself instantly and move on. Give gratitude for your ability to travel, to spent the time with family and friends and truly enjoy this life. Send the people you were with a note or a gift thanking them for the good time had by all. Remember; “everything in moderation….including moderation.”

  • No one is judging your “it’s five o’clock somewhere” mantra, not even Dr. Carrie Demers of the Himalayan Institute who wrote the article, “21 ways to detox your liver”. Since the liver is the organ that clears toxins from bloodstream it’s good to give it a little love. My favorites are:

    • Triphala. A natural purgative (laxative) Demers says “Herbal wisdom says that in order to efficiently clean up a toxic liver, your bowels need to move—otherwise, toxins removed from the liver get reabsorbed rather than excreted". Planetary Herbals is the brand I like and it can be found at most health food stores or on-line. Take a couple capsules before bed for the next two months.

    • Roasted Dandelion Tea was recently suggested to me to take for liver weakness. Traditional Medicinals offers good quality teas found in a health food store or on-line.

  • Try a Revitalizing Smoothie. This is a home concoction with hydrating, antioxidant, digestive power.

    • Coconut water as a base

    • Spinach

    • ¼  Avocado

    • TBL coconut oil

    • Pineapple

    • Blueberries

    • Mint

    • Ginger

    • Dash of cinnamon

    • Scoop of collagen protein powder

    • Bee Pollen for a boost of energy

  • Take an epsom salt bath and finish the last chapters of that beach read. Epsom salt assists in drawing out toxins and impurities. Add some essential oils for other benefits. Try lavender to relieve anxiety and stress or lemon and rosemary to improve memory and increase digestion.

  • Lastly, whenever I’m away I realize how wonderful it is to travel and see the world and as much as I like my routine I rarely leave a trip without planting the seeds for the next one. Adventure inspires adventure. Maybe a yoga retreat is just the thing you need! Registration for our Mexico Yoga Retreat opens April 1st. And if you need something a little sooner, get away with an afternoon of yoga nidra April 9th 3:00-5:00pm. Who says the fun needs to stop? 

Here's to a fabulous #springbreak2017!!