A new year of hope

Our yoga retreat ends with our intentions. Mine took no time to write and in theory is obvious and simple. “I deserve happiness” I declared. In practice, however, I knew it would not be so easy. As we sat under the beauty of a fading Chacala sunset I knew what I was ready to do. Some relationships, mainly the one with myself, had to change in order for me to truly step into alignment with my happiness. I could no longer keep telling the stories that fueled my fear. The ones that say “you’re not good enough or should be better at this by now”. I had plenty of stories that nurtured my growth but those always seem to whisper softly while the fear based stories run on a consistent 24 hour fake news cycle.

The philosophy of yoga says that our sense of separation is the cause of all of our suffering. We have forgotten who we are and where we have come from. Simply put we disconnected from the love that is our truest nature. You might also call this love “spirit or source or consciousness or God”. It goes on to say that if separation is the problem than naturally we alleviate our suffering through connection. When I stated my intention that night in Chacala I knew that I needed to first understand where I was resisting my happiness and in turn how to realign with this love that i had separated from. 

I’ve come to realize that our misalignment is actually a place that can birth a lot of what we want. It’s the moment when we begin to ask the questions, the place we begin to open to new possibility and potential. My own misalignment with love caused a beautiful unfolding and has become an exciting new adventure. But the beauty cannot be seen in the dark. Something compels us to turn on the light.

Prior to the retreat I laid in bed one day much longer than normal. I had felt stuck for a while and this morning maybe was drearier than most, maybe I feeling a little sick, I can’t remember but I know all I wanted was to go back to sleep (and by sleep I mean I wanted watch Bravo tv for the rest of my days and pretend everything was fine. I wanted to bypass the pain but tucking it away). A friend texted me to ask if I was OK and I replied “I feel like I’m failing in every area of my life” .

I let myself lie there for a good portion of the morning. What eventually got me up was the voice of compassion that grew bigger than the voice of fear and it repeated itself over and over again “you got this” it said repeatedly. I often say in class that we have an innate ability to “self soothe”. Once we trust in the quiet voice that is present just beyond the loud cry of the ego we can self soothe our way to the next step. Let me be clear this by no means propelled me into joy and happiness. I did not bounce out of bed with a smile on my face but it led me to the next step. I used to think the action steps needed to move toward alignment needed to be giant leaps or that I could “namaste” everything right again by pretending it didn’t exist. But I’ve learned that the next right action is often not a huge leap. More often than not they are very tiny baby steps. I knew that morning that the only place I could go was to my meditation cushion. I got out of bed and baby stepped my way to a seat.

I feel these baby steps are the inner workings of the Universe and it’s very similar to losing my car keys: They are somewhere but I can’t find my keys because I’m focused on NOT HAVING THEM and when the focus is on not having them I can’t be a vibrational match to having them. But I can be a match to “it’s cold I think I’ll grab a sweater,” and sure enough while getting my sweater there are my keys. Because in that moment my focus wasn’t on not having them. I could no way get to happiness but I could get enough energy to move to the meditation cushion.

A few moments into my sit I opened my eyes wide as I was hit over the head with what was really going on.

The yoga sutras have a word for this sense of separation that causes our suffering; Avidya (spiritual ignorance). The belief I had that morning, paralyzed in bed by my sense of failure, is the very definition of Avidya. There is a Universal Law that makes sense of this. It says; “Fear is sure sign that we are trusting in our own strength.”

Lying in bed saying “I feel like i’m failing in every area of my life” was me perceiving my life through the self imposed rules that I had made up and at the time (in my mind) was not measuring up to. I was trusting solely in my own strength and leaving out my inner strength, the strength of the Universe. I had separated completely from the Love that is my true nature.

Fortunately, the philosophy tells us that once we realize that we are problem we also find the solution. You can’t have Avidya without Vidya (clear seeing). Something brings us back (a sunset, a sunrise, a walk with a friend, a yoga practice). Something reminds us that it’s going to be OK. Something allows us to feel more than we are in these limited physical bodies, with chaotic minds and sporadic highs and lows of emotions. That something for me was the voice that I’ve come to trust. The voice of Love.

My misalignment propelled me into a deeper appreciation for my practice, I dug out old notebooks and dusted off a workshop on alignment I had been working on but had been telling myself I wasn't ready to teach. I committed to a new intention. I was compelled to let some things go and inspired to try again for some things I wanted. I grew a tiny bit appreciative for the stuck place I found myself in and I hope that my continuous journey though the resistance shines a light to lead you to the next step forward. 

With Love, Cindy


Potential for a better way

I was fortunate to have teachers who stressed that progress in your yoga practice is not about perfection of poses but how skillful you become in your everyday actions and interactions. I now gauge how well my practice is working by how I am being in my relationships, duties and responsibilities. Am I becoming the person I want to be?

I can say with some confidence that I've developed some skill. I can also safely say I've got a long way to go. The ultimate test of my progress is spending a week at home with family for the holidays. This is the place where I most want to be, the place I long for when I'm far away and the place that most challenges me because it feels as if simultaneously nothing and everything has changed. It never fails I leave and spend two days replaying scenarios and conversation where I wish I would have had more skill. "Could I have said that differently? This is what I meant, was there a better way to convey it? Was there a more skillful way to react? Will I ever go home and not instantly revert to my 16 year old self?”

Whenever we are faced with a situation we wished had gone differently there’s a lot of room for condemnation, critique and judgement. There is also an opportunity to practice forgiveness. This too requires some skill; allowing ourselves to be learners in this lifetime, forgiving ourselves for the human experience. What I happily realized this time around was that the falling off can be a launching pad to dive deeper into our practice with more enthusiasm. The first day back I got to attend a meditation class I have been taking. Our teacher Banni Bunting shared this quote by Sharon Salzberg.

“If we can stand inside our pain awhile and wait, over time we may come to also see it as a way into the deepest part of ourselves and then back into the world, a vehicle for new insight into who we are and how much we need care for ourselves and each other. The transformation I was seeking wasn’t to be found in what happened to this pain, it would be found in what happened within me in relationship to it. It would be found in opening rather than closing down, in compassion for myself rather than contempt.”

How beautiful and idea to stand inside our our pain, to tolerate our own discomfort for a moment and use it as a vehicle for new insight into who we are. As we understand ourselves we understand each other. As we love ourselves we begin to love each other. We start to trust that these moments are where the greatest opportunity for growth live.

Where All Things Are Possible

Put yourself in the center of all things

There’s no denying the chaos of life. All around us choices, opportunity, upheaval, discord, a booming social calendar, the kids crazy schedules, the realization that status quo is no longer enough and we are ready for change, feeling good one moment then we get smacked with an unexpected life event. Chaos is everywhere. Sometimes completely unexpected and life altering. Other times it’s chosen, it’s the fullness of the life we crave. Either way, amidst this uncertainty of everyday I’ve found that if I’m not grounded, tapped into my intuition or open and receptive to the fluid movement of change then I too become scattered and get caught in a windstorm of confusion and anxiety.

I personally have been feeling this unpredictable energy for the past two months (read groundlessness part 1 & 2) as have students and friends who’ve shared similar stories. I was having sleepless nights where I’d felt I made a wrong decision, I was distracted and feeling scattered, searching outside of myself for answers. My meditation practice was my anchor and one particularly unruly day I sat and imagined myself in the center of all the things going on around me. I sat still in the center as my body, mind, emotions, events, friends, family, situations, formed a circle around me. What I found was what I had been looking for all along. In that moment I became clear and focused. I was calm as I observed the whirlwind of life. I was no longer attached or reactive, I simply was able to observe. I sat with what felt like unshakable strength for 20 minutes, my foot had fallen asleep and I hadn’t even realized. When I emerged I was no longer frazzled, arguing with someone that wasn’t there, justifying my rightness to no one but in my head. None of the circumstances had changed but all of my resistance was gone. In a matter of minutes problems shifted and solutions became known. It was if I had I had prepared the atmosphere for all that was possible.  

You can do it right now.

Close your eyes for a few moments and imagine yourself sitting in the center of a circle. Get grounded in the center, feel the floor under you, the breath breathing you. Around the circumference of the circle begin to place all things in your life. Begin with something as close to you as your physical condition, you remain sitting but separate your body. Next, your mental condition, allow your thoughts to move to the edge of the circle. Then your emotions, send all your emotions to the outer circle. You remain in the center. Now, all the situations happening in your life. All of your duties and responsibilities. You relationships. And all of your future plans. Remain in the center of it all, calm, watching, observing without reaction or response. Just watch. Observe it all. Notice when you want to intervene, when something tries to pull you away. Sense without thought how you feel as an unmovable force as all things swirl around you. Take a minute or two to experience this, when you have time, sit longer. You can’t do this wrong, simply see all that arises.

The beauty of this experiment is that whatever you see or feel is the teacher, is what you need to experience to move forward from a place of objective awareness rather than from a place of stressful reaction.

  • Maybe you able to put yourself in a still place where you see all that is around you swirling, chaotic, always in flux but you are steady, unmoved, you are one unchanging, unwavering constant in your life.

Esther Hicks calls this “the receptive mode”. When you become the unwavering center of your life you become open to possibility, to inspiration, to solutions and answers rather than stuck pushing against the problem.

This is the experience we receive when we spend time in nature or lie in savasana at the end of a yoga practice. It’s really any time we become so immersed in what we are doing that we lose track of time and participate fully in the moment. We become receptive to information, answers, solutions. We become open to the flow of life. We become open to our truest source of inner knowing.

  • No, you did not do it wrong! Observing like this can be so unfamiliar that it’s uncomfortable, it can even seem scary or way too intense. Know that it’s OK and totally normal. It’s actually a powerful tool to be aware of what we resist. If you can, try it again. But this time give gratitude because here lies an opportunity to forgive an old way of being, to soften, to be kinder to yourself, to see what may be holding you back from true happiness.

It’s important to remember that our human condition will quickly pull us out of the receptive mode. Our mind wanders, we get bored, distracted, we chase a thought, we let fear creep in. Again, this is completely natural and normal. Over time sitting in the space will provide a sense of ease, contentment, we might eventually even crave sitting to give our mind the much needed rest it deserves. But at the beginning, because we are very much conditioned to respond, to be ahead of the moment, thinking, processing, striving, pushing, arguing, justifying our position, doing more, being more. Our mind will quickly jump in and scream “I can’t do it” or “I don’t know how to meditate” or “it doesn’t work for me”.

It’s at this moment that I hear the calming voice of Rolf Gates “we remember and begin again”. We have an incredible ability to pull ourselves back into alignment, to self soothe, to soften, to sit in the middle where all things are possible and watch. It’s easy to beat myself up for the forgetting, “I should be better at this by now”. But I also have watched the remembering so many times that I’ve realized it’s in those times when I forget, remember and begin again, that I will move back into the receptive mode with more focus, with more direction, where I actually find myself more powerful than I was before.

Put yourself in the receptive mode and when you find those old habits of reaction, your conditioned patterns creeping in, pause. Over time you might even find yourself able to laugh and say “oh, there’s that old familiar thing”. Then the shame and guilt and fear dissipates. These times when we check out and can step back and see the habit are actually incredibly valuable lessons.

  • Eventually we will find in this space exists the possibility of all things. In the middle you are no longer caught up in even your thoughts or emotions. You become objective, clear, strong, confident, all knowing.

Our time on the mat is really merely practice for everyday life. Get into the receptive mode then tiptoe into situations that challenge it. This is the practice. See how long you can hold alignment. Recognize when it’s gone. There is no right or wrong, it’s all part of the fullness of life. But it’s important that we carve out opportunities to practice. Otherwise we end up reacting to conditions, blaming others, playing victim and letting the chaos of life drag us around. Our practice becomes our pause, a return to center in order to tap into the true inner power that we possess. Take one last moment, hold your hands to your heart and give radical gratitude for all that was around your circle. 

You can dance in a hurricane

But only if you're standing in the eye ~ Brandi Carlile

Groundlessness Part 2

"Dream in spite of darkness. Hope in spite of odds. Prevail in spite of fear." ~Mike Dooley

Think of one thing in your life that you’ve realized in the last day, week, month or year is unstable/not fixed/prone to change/unpredictable/wobbly/shaky/maybe even not as dependable as you once knew it to be.

Your body. A relationship. Your career. An event didn’t go the way you had planned. You feel disconnected from the people around you, separate, alone. 

 Once you’ve got the thing (because we all have a thing, some area of our life that we thought was constant but has shown us otherwise). Now, give gratitude for it. Radical gratitude. Because in its groundlessness it has shown you that nothing outside of yourself is truly fixed. Everything changes. Everything is in flux. There is nothing outside of ourselves that we can truly hold on to for a secure sense of security. In seeing this, in accepting this, we find two things:

  1. our ability to go with the flow, to become fluid and open, curious, to reach for solutions that we may not have ever reached for.

  2. That the only thing that we can truly depend on is our own power, our internal alignment, the fact that we are the living energy that permeates all things. That within lies the solutions to all of our problems, the answers to all of our questions and ultimately our happiness because we realize our reactions are the only things we can control. We give up the notion that “if you would change, then I would be happy” or the “i’ll be happy when..”.

 For me “you are the answer” is a little hard to digest. I want to buy to the solution, I want to eat, drink, read the book, take the course, chaturanga my way to the solution. Tell me what’s in the secret sauce that will make my life complete. I literally asked Rolf Gates for it one day during my training with him. I said “give me the secret, how do you hit the mark every time?” He looked right at me and said “if you don’t trust in yourself then you shouldn't be doing it.” There it is. That’s how you hit the mark, trust in your own power.  Even our yoga practice is not solution, it’s a means to the solution. The things that we do or acquire can be a temporary means to happiness but ultimately won’t provide the lasting contentment we crave. This is always found within. 

We use the practice in this way. We begin with the body because it’s the most tangible, the most easily accessed. Through building strength and opening the tight spots we access the energy flow that has become stuck and stagnant. As the energy becomes unstuck we find a new level of awareness, of curiosity, we step into the flow. As the body opens so does the mind. With this open awareness we start to direct this flow of energy to the places that need it most. To the areas where we have become hardened and stuck mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  In the flow of life we may find ourselves saying, “I want to see this another way”. As we let go of our rigid beliefs of how it's all supposed to be (better said, as we let go of the fear that created the rigid beliefs in the first place) we step into the quiet of the mind. In the space in between the thoughts lies an inspiration, an idea, an answer, a solution. We begin to shift, to see clearly, to move into the flow, the stream of well being, the abundant living energy that is always available to us.

"The instability in your life has created the atmosphere for you to know your true power."

Groundlessness Part 1

“Do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come.”  Rumi

Last week I looked around my house in the midst of some home improvements. Outside, huge stumps with what looked like mile long roots were being uprooted, the flooring in our family room torn out, the kitchen walls had been demolished. The furniture was pushed to a corner, some turned upside down, covered with sheets to protect the fabric from the dust. I sat in the midst of what seemed like total destruction and thought “this is a metaphor for my whole life right now”. Total chaos, instability, a complete uprooting. There was nothing to cling to, there was no steady ground to stand on and I remember hearing Pema Chodron say “in the midst of groundlessness you need two things; acceptance and unconditional kindness towards yourself”.

Last night I taught a beautiful yoga nidra class with my long time and beloved partner Carin Cundey. Carin is moving to Texas in the fall and I’ve been too excited for her new life to even contemplate that we won’t be working together any longer. She read the above Rumi quote and I pushed back tears as I thought about how we are all live each day in the midst of uncertainty and change. I will miss her so but will take her words to heart as I know her energy and love and support will be with me (as will mine with be with her) as we move on separate but always together.

Today, I woke up and looked around, the yard has been leveled with beautiful new grass taking root. Untrodden flooring has been installed and late last night I cleaned and put the kitchen back together again. I smiled as I remembered all I have learned from my dear sweet friend Carin. I sat in the same spot I had a week ago but this time I thought “I needed total destruction in order to rebuild from a stronger place”.

Chodron says “there’s nothing to hold onto and no escape from the groundlessness of being”. Sometimes groundlessness is something we chose other times it’s circumstances beyond our control. But if there’s nothing to hold onto the question then becomes how can I find strength and clarity in the midst of the instability? Can I accept that there will never be a time when it all fits together just perfect? And would I really want it to? Most importantly, can I find unconditional kindness towards the sweet self I see in the mirror every day? This is my practice, why I meditate, why I do yoga, why I show up every day. I don’t yet know what’s on the other side but I can no longer say that I know the side I’ve been on is better.

“Anything can happen my friend, intend for it to be fabulous”.

Freedom, it's closer than you think

Freedom Part I

“Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.” ~ Tina Fey

20 years ago I was watching an interview with Madonna and heard her say she did yoga. Fresh out of the nest, testing my wings for the first time, I had just began questioning religion, the way I ate, the beliefs I’d had up to that point, my perspective of the world around me.

“Hmmm, yoga” I thought. It sounded intriguing, different, cultish. I liked it. I went right out and signed up for a ten week course. “Thank you Madge….for it is this practice that has had the most significant influence on my growth and transformation. Yoga helped to answer the questions I had about the world and my place in it. It gave me a understanding of personal responsibility, self worth and the power that exists in the present moment. Yoga has taught me when I’m stuck, tight, or feel helpless, when my mind seems to be spinning beyond my control, when I’m anxious or ungrounded; there’s another way to see the world.

Here I am at the beginning of 2017, 20 years later, and I found myself listening to Madonna again. She was honored with the award of Billboard Women in Music, Woman of the Year 2016. She gave a bold acceptance speech that began when she moved to NYC as a teenager and the horrifying and unexpected events that occurred in those first few years. She said these events not only shaped the women she is today but taught her  in life there is no real safety except self-belief. As I listened I thought, “there it is again”.

In a time when we are confused and found questioning the world around us we are awakening to another way.

We are being reminded that we already possess the answers we are seeking and it begins by believing in ourselves. We look out at an ego-driven world that is beyond our control and it’s a big scary place where if I win, you lose. On the mat we look within and we are reminded of truth of who we are. A truth that we all know but possibly have lost touch with along the way.

The beginning of the year provides us with the notion of a blank slate, a fresh start where we often create the space to envision who it is we want to be, how it is we want to show up in the world. These visions for the future are exciting and hold a tremendous amount of momentum because they have lived in our hearts for years and we are awakening to them. We are accepting the possibility that there is indeed another way.

Freedom Part II

“Everyone has a yearning for something bigger than them. There’s an awe, a wonder. We are drawn, curious, have an innate natural wisdom about doing something different.” ~Pema Chodron

There is no getting around it, as humans we are creatures of change. And the moment we set our sights on the possibility of another way to think, to speak, to act, we instantly have a desire to create change; as scary as that can be, or as unsure about how to proceed we may feel. Think about how simply and frequently you ask for change in our everyday life. If you are hungry, you want to eat, if you are full you want to stop eating. If you are cold you want to be warm and when you are hot you would like a cool breeze. There’s no getting around it, change and desire are everywhere. Stepping on the yoga mat is no exception. Just like the first days of the new year, the first minutes of class the question is posed; why are you here? What is that you want to embody in this life? What is your intention?

For the longest time this was confusing to me. I couldn’t actually articulate why I was there or what exactly I wanted to embody in this life, it seemed like a lot of pressure to come up with this one magical phrase, even if we were simply stating it to ourselves silently. So I never really stated anything at all. Until, that is, I began to understand the power of thought and intention.

Mike Dooley explains that “we want change because there are either things you dislike about the present (cons) or things you want about the future (pros)”. Let’s imagine we have just stepped onto the mat. I’ve decided to come to yoga because there are things I dislike about the present (cons); my body feels tight or weak, my mind imbalanced, scattered, my emotions are angry, sad, alone or spiritually I feel disconnected, ungrounded. And there are things I want for the future (pros); I want my body to be open, flexible, strong, my mind to be focused, clear, I want to be happy, energetic, to feel alive, I want to be connected and grounded.

Once we see that the pros and cons exist all the time we see how easy it is to set an intention. Ask yourself, “what do you want to focus on? The pros or the cons?” It’s simple. If I’m mad I want to be happy, if I’m anxious I want to be calm, sick I want to be well. What you focus on becomes your story, becomes your perspective of the world around you. But we know, there is always another way. Focus on what it is you want for the future, what does strength look like? What does fluidity feel like? What does equality or justice or abundance or success or love and happiness? Go ahead, imagine it! Know that this is where your power to create lies, in this moment you are creating, making your intentions manifest. Now state it silently to yourself. When an intention is stated it is said as a short positive statement as if it already exists in present time. “I am..” “I have…” “I create…”

Freedom Part III

“To be free we must acknowledge our resistance.” ~Gabby Bernstein

Now that you have your intention the next step in allowing it to become manifest is to believe it. We have to make room in our consciousness for this thing that supposedly doesn’t exist. We have to believe that we worthy of the very thing that we want. This is where we get stuck and refuse to believe that we are capable of manifesting the life that we want. This is also where we start to take our power back by seeing how we keep ourselves stuck. Our logical and practical mind first says, “well it isn’t true. How am I supposed to believe something that isn’t true.” We don’t allow our imaginations to wander to the future that we want. Or we say “I could have my dream if all you clowns would just be different.” Or, “yes, I really want happiness, success, a strong body, an open heart, but let me tell all the reasons I why I’ll never have it.” We then empower our limitations as we justify this list of reasons that stand in our way. Then there is the saddest of all the walls we’ve built, because it leaves us victim of circumstance, if only. “if only this were different, I would be happy.”

The beauty is that once we acknowledge our resistance it doesn’t have quite the same hold on us. We can actually begin to see that our resistance was put there to protect us and as the powerful creators of change that we are we know that there is another way. Your resistance is an opportunity to acknowledge injustice and fight for fairness. To see hate and do all that you can to create love. To know fully what anxiety and fear feel like but commit to powerful, present moment awareness and action. Acknowledging our resistance is to finally set ourselves free.

Freedom Part IV

“You are not your body. You are not the wild parade of thoughts that march through your mind. You are not the highs and lows of your emotions. You are not the sense of separation you so often feel. You are the witness, the one that is capable of observing the body, the mind, the emotions.” ~cl

The place that I found it the easiest to understand self-belief, intention, resistance and freedom is the space of the yoga mat. We show up in all of our humanness but eventually find who it is we are and where it is we’ve come from. That we are indeed the the witness, the one who observes without judgement or expectation. Unfortunately somewhere along the way of everyday life we have completely distanced ourselves from the higher part of us. We have been taught to rely more on logic and practicality (not that these things are bad) than our intuition or our heart. But just because we have been led away from the truth doesn’t mean that it hasn’t always been there and it doesn’t mean we can’t go back to it right this very moment.

Gabby Bernstein says “The presence of fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own strength.” We separate from the love and peace and power and creativity that is available to us in every moment and we begin to rely on the walls that we have built. The list of justifications for the unfulfilled life become more powerful than our ability to manifest the life we want. But the moment we realize, the moment we surrender to the knowing that we are more than these limited human bodies, that we of God, all knowing, unlimited, free, then we can finally forgive ourselves for trusting in fear, we can finally take the weight of the world off our shoulders, we can finally give up our useless attempts at trying to control the world around us and realize that all of our safety and power lies in self-belief. Believe that you are worthy of your intention, know what that looks like to you, go out into the world and create the change that you so desperately desire by being the who it is you want to be, by owning what it is you want embody, by accepting and loving who you already are.


Look at what love can do

"I needed to love on them a little bit." J-hey

I left the country two days after the Cubs won the World Series. On the way to airport I was watching the parade where 5 million people showed up to cry, cheer, wave their W flag and show their gratitude for their beloved team. As I was boarding the plane I was trying to catch up on text messages from people who were sending their congrats and frantically scrolling my news feed trying not to miss one interview or news article.

Ten days later I returned to the states with a much different tone to the 380 text messages I had. Again frantically scrolling my news feed trying not to miss one interview or news article. I had been basically disconnected from the internet while I was away so I’m processing all that is happening in the world about a week later than everyone.

As I process, and still sway a bit from being on a boat for seven days, I’d like to reflect on a time which now seems like so very long ago, a time when all was right in the world. . . the night the Cubs won the World Series.

Game seven took place in Cleveland so the the Cubs were at bat first. Dexter Fowler, Cubs leadoff man, hits a solo home run. I’m still “preparing to watch the game” running around my house, lighting candles on my altar and I stop and say “all right, they came to play.” It’s a long game but I can’t help but have a huge smile face.

We get a few runs here and there, Cleveland gets a couple but the Cubs lead the whole game. We have a pitching change that we are all like. . . mmmmmmm. . . but we trust you Joe, you got us here. It’s 5-3 in the fourth. In the 5th, Grandpa Ross, playing his last professional game ever, just a few innings away from retiring, comes to bat and hits a homerun. 6-3 Cubs! I’m contemplating where I’ll be popping the champagne. My phone is going crazy.

Fast forward 8th inning. The Cubs closer Aroldis Chapman comes in with two outs. We now have four outs left to win the game. So much excitement!

Cleveland ties it up. Silence.

Now we are Cubs fans. In the past when something like this happens it’s like the air has been let out of the room. I can’t speak for anyone else, I have yet to ask how others how they felt, but for me, I didn’t sense it was over. I had faith.

What happened next was the most interesting turn of events. Some would say it started raining. I say, the heavens opened. The tarp comes out and they call a rain delay. What happened in those 17 minutes is what I always want to remember this team for and what has actually gotten me through the processing of the events in our country since that night.

Jason Heyward (J-hey) calls the guys into the weight room. Joe Maddon is quoted saying “I’m not a meeting guy, but I love when the guys meet.” The room is somber, guys are crying, and Jey-hey says “You know what, whatever’s happened up to this point. . . it’s over. We are still the best team. We need to pull together and chip away. We are going to win this game.”

When Heyward was asked about this pep talk he said, “I just needed to remind these guys how good they are, how special they are and that everybody in that room can get the job done. I sensed that they needed to hear it from somebody. They needed to be reminded how good they are. I need to love on them a little bit.”

“I needed to love on them a little bit.” I remember thinking when I first read this, “wow, look at what the power of love can do.”

I know that right now in America some people are optimistic, some joyful, others content, a lot confused, angry, saddened or absolutely fearful. Personally, I sway back and forth, both literally and emotionally, I’m not sure when I’ll feel again like I’m solid ground. What I have heard repeatedly from my community in the short time I’ve been back is, “I need yoga”. And the simple reason for this is because yoga is a tool that we’ve been given that allows us to remember. To remember the truth of who we are. To open and strengthen the body, to clear the mind, to balance our emotional state and to eventually connect with the part of us that is bigger than us. The presence that holds us upright that is beyond muscle, tissue, skin and bone. Some call it God, consciousness, the light, spirit, Universe. I believe it’s the thread, the unifying force that reminds us that we are all connected, all the same.

I truly have faith that I am exactly where I need to be and that what is happening in the world around me is exactly what needs to be happening. That this is an awakening. We are being reminded that the shadow exists. It’s alive and has come to the surface affecting the lives of people that have forgotten it’s still there. My practice reminds me that I can see the shadow and hold steady the vision of what I want to embody in this life. Hold steady the vision for what I want for future generations.

I look at my nieces and nephews and pray that they will live in a world where we are all equal, where they will not be judged by their gender, race or who they chose to love. And that they will not be able to fathom judging others for such things. That they will have freedom over their bodies, that they will not be harassed because they are deemed “lesser than”. I pray that they will be able to use their voices equally. That they will embrace the power of who they are so completely that they will be so connected to the truth that they will only know how to spread love.

What happened in that 17 minute rain delay was the power of love. It won a World Series and can be equally applied in the confusion of current events today.

“You know what [America; women, men, black, white, immigrants, lesbian, gay, transgender, PEOPLE], whatever’s happened up to this point. . . it’s over. We are still the best team. We need to pull together and chip away. We are going to win this game.”

Maybe we all need to be reminded how good life really is, how special we ALL are and to look at the people around you standing in truth and love and say “we got this”.

“I sensed that they needed to hear it from somebody. They needed to be reminded how good they are. I needed to love on them a little bit.”

It often feels like we can do so little. But we can all love on someone a little bit. And that always begins with the sweet self that you see in the mirror every day. Look at who you are. Look at those around you. Look at what love can do.

Have you forgotten?

“Is it Rizzo?” ~ Carson Latimer (age 3)

If you were to ask my nephew what he wants to be when he grows up he will tell you without hesitation that he wants to to a player on the Chicago Cubs so that he can sit in the dugout with (Anthony) Rizzo; his favorite player.

One night Caron’s grandpa was reading to him before bed. Unbeknownst to Carson, his uncle home from college for the weekend, had come upstairs and was standing in the doorway of the bedroom to surprise him. Carson’s back was to the door listening intently to the bedtime story. His grandpa, seeing his uncle, said, “Carson, guess who’s here?” Carson’s eyes got wide and he asked, “is it Rizzo?”.

I remembered this story one day while I was meditating. I had forced myself to sit because the alternative was to continue to spin out about some injustice that the prosecutor, defendant, judge and jury of my mind was never going to come to agreement on. I was stuck, holding tightly to my convictions, unable to see any possibility that existed beyond my current situation. In meditation I heard the question; “when did we lose the wonder, the magic?”. At age three there is no limiting logic, there is no rationale that says the most exciting thing that you can imagine can’t be. If someone’s at your door in the middle of the night it’s not necessarily another person that lives there, it’s the first baseman for the Cubs.

When did we lose that optimistic potential in what can be? When did we stop trusting that we will be provided for? When did we trade in our faith for fear? Start to grip so tightly around the limited self defeating thoughts that say, “you’re not enough to have that”? When did we lose the magic?

The stillness of our meditation practice serves as reminder that the magic is still there. When we still the body and quiet the mind we see who it is we are beyond all that is temporary. We learn that we are not just these limited bodies and chaotic minds but we are also the Intelligence that lies in wait in the still place behind the chattering, the rationale and processing. We sense that we are indeed the Presence that holds us upright that is beyond muscle, tissue, skin and bone. The magic exists, it’s the pulse of our heartbeat, the rhythm of our breath, the sun, moon, planets and stars. And just because we’ve forgotten that it exists doesn’t mean it hasn’t been there all along.

“There’s a part of us that we can connect to that is an ever-present source of inspiration, strength, light and guidance….ALWAYS. This is why we meditate.” ~Rod Stryker


Try Not To Suck

“Try not to suck” ~Joe Maddon
I was recently driving to Wrigley Field with my cousin when she said she needed a “try not to suck t-shirt”. Having seen them only briefly when watching a game the news that this was the 2016 Cubs motto hadn’t really made it’s way to Bend, OR. I let it pass but was thinking, “I don’t want to wear that”. Try not to suck? Can’t we do better than that? What about visioning the best you possible and being that person? Getting up every day from where you are with what you have doing your best from that place? Know you are awesome and act accordingly? These were the cheerleading slogans I wanted to don.
Once we got to Wrigleyville I saw the seemingly low standard advice everywhere. Every shop we went into, every third person you saw was wearing it. My brother and his wife showed up wearing matching t-shirts so excited to be sporting the statement and I finally asked, “what was the context of this, when did he (Joe Maddon) say it?” I learned that when Javier Baez was brought up from the minors he was sent to Maddon’s office and the advice that Joe gave to this very young and assumingly very nervous kid was just to go out there and “try not to suck”. This soon became the slogan for the team who was first in the league to clinch their division and recently won their 100th game.
I instantly realized the power of the statement and thought “wow”. To take the pressure off a young player like that who was about to perform on the biggest stage of his life. And then I thought, “what if we all took the pressure off ourselves a bit? This isn’t just a slogan for baseball, this is a slogan for life”.
What if we all softened just a bit?
Were a little less critical? Judgmental?
Worried less about perfection and more about happiness?
What if we all had more compassion? Acceptance?
Were quicker to forgive?
Gave each other the benefit of the doubt?
To me what Joe Maddon was saying was, “listen, you are going to go out there and make some mistakes. You will go out there and probably not be the best, you might fall down, you might even fail. But if you are trying not to suck it means you are showing up every day from where you are with what you have and essentially are doing your best, working hard and taking personal responsibility all without the pressure of needing to be perfect. Because you already are. So go be human and have fun.”
The philosophy of our spiritual practice begins with the premise that we “of God”. We are spiritual beings (perfect, unlimited) in human form (flawed, impermanent). A teacher of mine says so often students come to the yoga mat wanting to become more spiritual but that is impossible. If our heritage is Divine then we can’t possibly become more spiritual, but what we can do, is work on embracing our humanness.
My need to be perfect was what pushed me against the slogan in the first place. I believe that this is one of my  biggest assets because it ensures that I’m going to show up prepared, organized, clear, ready. And it is one of worst flaws stopping me dead in my tracks and holding me back from the most exciting things in life because I believe I won’t be good enough. Trying not to suck (my new mantra) may sound ridiculous but it takes the weight of the world off my shoulders (as I’m sure it did Baez’s that day in Maddon’s office). In just a few days it has stopped me from spinning out about things I can’t control or from responding from a place of judgement or criticism. This is a reminder that I’ve gotten before in my life and here it is again because I’m human and I forget and remember, forget and remember. You’re already perfect, now go be human and HAVE FUN! I recently read that Maddon put a disco ball in the clubhouse because he believes in celebrating. Hmmmmm….wonder how that would look in my living room?
"You are already perfect, let's learn to embrace our humanness"


The doing is the thing.

“You do it because the doing of it is the thing. The doing is the thing. The talking and worrying and thinking about it is not the thing.” ~Amy Poehler

How often do we allow our fear to stand in the way of our showing up? How often do we find ourselves saying “but I don’t know how”? or “I’m too old, young, short, tall, overqualified, underqualified.” Somewhere along the way we have bought into the story that says we can’t. And the justification for buying the story is “I don’t know how”. So, in our supposed need to know how every puzzle piece fits before we even open the box we decide it’s better to never even start the puzzle in the first place. We set it aside with all the other puzzles that have cobwebs and mold gathered on them from years of sitting stagnant in the corner of our hearts. Oh, sure, every now and again we glance at them over there collecting dust. There are probably some we’ve forgotten ever existed, but every once in awhile we think “I’ll dust that one off today” and as we are about to walk in the direction of our dreams the voice that keeps us small says “but what will you do? How will it look? What if you don’t know which direction to go? What if you do it wrong or fail?” And we become paralyzed with the fear that we allow to hold us back from anything that will take us out of our comfort zone. What we have forgotten is that there is always another player. The Universe knows where every puzzle piece fits and if we would just take the puzzle out of the box and enjoy the game the Universe would get right in there with us and divinely guide us. We don’t need to know, can’t possibly know with our limited human mind how it’s all going to fit together. But the Universe knows and is guiding us. All we need to do is to keep looking at the picture on the box cover (holding steady the vision of what we want) and then show up to the game.

At first this seems like efforting, striving, climbing the ladder. The need to be better, more than the limited version of ourselves that we see in the mirror each day. But this idea that we could possibly be better or more than we are now keeps us in the mindset of “not enough”. Back to the cycle of one step forward toward our dreams and one step back because fear says we aren’t worthy of them.

One day we stop, there are a number of ways that make us pause and recognize who we really are, my experience with this remembering has occurred on the yoga mat. This is where I heard over and over again that all I need and want exists within and I realized after many years of practice that the desire to be more isn’t because I’m broke or need to be fixed but because I am already whole. Because I’m the perfection of the Universe manifested as a tiny speck in this beautiful world. And that by simply showing up, regardless if i know how or what it’s supposed to look like, I’m right in there playing along with the Universe. Holding steady the vision of that perfectly captured photograph on the box cover I show up, from where I am, with what I have in the moment, I show up, because the doing is the thing.  

Poehler goes on to say; “Every day we just get out of bed and show up. However unprepared or not ready our spinning mind tells us we are, we just show up. We put our feet on the floor, we hug our children or set a boundary with them, we say yes and figure it out later, we apologize or wish someone well, we pick up the phone and make a call (yes a call), we look in the mirror and say ‘I’m doing this today because I love myself’.”

“The doing of it is the thing”


You Are Here

“What you are looking for is already in you...You already are everything you are seeking.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

You are here. Wherever you are right now reading this, feel your feet on the earth, or if you can, place your hand on the ground, touch the floor, feel the texture of the grass or rug, wood or tile, under you. You are here. In this moment. Taking this breath. In this life. At this time. In this place. Where all your strength lies. Where all your openness, clarity, equanimity, contentment and peace exits. Where all the magic is and where you will ultimately find freedom.

I teach yoga because every time I’m on the mat I’m reminded of my body and it’s abilities, and even sometimes lack of, but I’m still reminded. Every time I step on the mat I get to feel the breath breathing me. It’s a place where there’s opportunity to see beyond the chaos of my mind. It's the place where I remember to align, to find center, to experience the magic. It might sound funny or simply obvious but on the mat I am reminded that I’m alive. Honestly, how often do we forget this? I know that unless I’m injured or my muscles are sore I don’t really spend much time thinking about my body while I’m in my every day. Unless I am holding it or have a cold I rarely think of my breath. If I’m not careful my mind can spin on autopilot and I will be drudging up something I’m mad about from 1988. Without reminding myself I can walk through this world of 7 billion people and feel completely separate and alone. For me, the mat is where I connect. But the mat is simply practice for the every day. What I've learned is that no matter where I am I can find center, peace, happiness, love.

Again, feel an area of your body connected to the earth. Look at something, anything from where you are right this minute and see it’s beauty. Feel one breath and with the mind’s eye watch it run along your spine. YOU ARE ALIVE. There’s blood pumping through your veins, there’s oxygen flowing into your muscles, there’s a spirit that animates your body that compels you to get out of bed every day and show up in the world as YOU.

I believe we can no longer take this granted. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, right now, you have the privilege of designing something else. Empower the present. You are here. In this moment. Taking this breath. In this life. At this time. In this place.

“Don’t wait to start living. Live now! Your life should be real in this very moment.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

"If you can imagine it, you can have it"

“If you can imagine it you can have it. Reality is not what your eyes show your mind, but what your mind creates for your eyes to see. You are not limited by logic, the past, or the world around you. You are pure spirit.” ~Mike Dooley

I find that all too often we are coming to the mat in the midst of some horrific tragedy, difficult situation or heartbreaking circumstance of this human life.

But, at the same time, these terribly challenging events are not stopping baby’s being born, two people falling in love, marriages, birthdays, celebrations, acts of kindness, parties, growth, transformation or spiritual connection.

Anne Frank wrote, “In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery and death. I see the world gradually being turned into a wilderness, I hear the ever approaching thunder, which will destroy us too, I can feel the sufferings of millions and yet, if I look up at the heavens, I think that it will all come out right, that this cruelty too will end and that peace and tranquility will return again.”

We can not, in any way, neglect the sadness, anger, confusion or pain that we feel. The idea is that we feel these emotions fully. But, at the same time, we hold steady the vision of our highest intentions which are happiness and love. I believe a lot of different things bring students to the yoga mat, be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, it doesn’t matter. If any of these intentions were to be broken down to their root we would find that all we really want is happiness and love.

What I have learned is that it has to start within. Each time I come to the mat I get this incredible opportunity to know who I am at my core, which is pure spirit, which is happiness and love (you see we are the very thing we so desperately want). I also get to explore the areas where I’m blocking source, inspiration, divinity, happiness and love within. I get to see fully where and when I’m choosing fear, anger, hate, negativity. And when I find these areas of tension, tightness and restriction the practice has given me the tools to pause, breathe, hold the illusion of fear, anger, hate and negativity up to the luminous light of spirit and see if it can withstand the power of my beating heart, of my natural born inclination for happiness and love.

It took me a long time to challenge the beliefs that I held and start asking the questions like: “What if I’m meant to be happy? What if life is meant to be fun? What if the Universe or God isn’t judging me at all but loving me every minute?”

I love this explanation from Mike Dooley on why we have become so seemingly evil: “The reason we see a very small portion of the world’s people behaving, at times, so horribly, as if possessed by evil, is not the result of us following our passions but of our wholesale neglect of them and the tensions, resentment, and fear this has created.”

What does happiness look like to you? Sound like? Feel like? The Universe says “if you can imagine it, you can have it”. But how often do we believe this? That’s the catch. In order for the intention to be made manifest we have to believe that it’s possible. We can’t say “I want to be happy but I won’t be until this is different” or “if only this would change, you’d be different, if only I had this or that, then I’ll be happy”. We can’t focus on lack and gain abundance. We can’t hold our attention on hate and receive love. We can’t be unhappy and expect happiness to come. We have to believe that it is available to us. We have to hold steady the vision of happiness and love regardless of what is happening around us.

So what does love look like to you? Sound like? Feel like? If you can imagine it you can have it. "Reality is what your mind creates for your eyes to see." Process your feelings of anger and sadness, know too where they live within you. But hold steady the vision of happiness and love. When you are watching a beautiful sunrise say “thank you”. When you are listening to the sound of a baby laughing or crying at a wedding ceremony, note the beauty. When you are laughing so hard you cry stop and relish in those feelings. When someone gives you a compliment, you help a stranger on the street, you smell a flower or pick something out of your garden, when you sit on your mat and hear your breath or the beating of your heart, know that in those moments you are aligned with your truth, you are aligned with happiness and love. You are remembering as Anne Frank did when she looked up at the heavens, that it is all going to come out all right.

“If you can imagine it you can have it. Reality is not what your eyes show your mind, but what your mind creates for your eyes to see. You are not limited by logic, the past, or the world around you. You are pure spirit.” ~Mike Dooley


The life-changing magic of tidying (Part One/Two/Three)

Part One

“Yoga doesn’t want to change you. It wants to free you.” Bryan Kest

How often do we believe this? If you were to examine your physical body right now, just as you are, how many parts do you believe could be improved upon? I didn’t step onto the yoga mat for the first time thinking I needed to change but once I was there I certainly thought yoga was the “cure”. It was the magic pill that would heal and strengthen my weak and tense body. The remedy for a scattered and unfocused mind, the quick fix that would rid me of all my pains and suffering, make my broken self whole again.

I recently spent a weekend back home with my family which was simultaneously amazing, comforting, beautiful, fun and incredibly challenging, sad and painful. The joke is “if you think you are enlightened go back home for a weekend”. As hard as I try to maintain my evolution I rarely go back to Chicago as a 41 year old yoga instructor who has her shit together. I go back as a 12 year old older sister with two younger brothers and annoying parents. Convinced I have all the answers and yet vulnerable enough to allow all the old wounds to open backup, the things I wish I could have said, the things I wish I hadn’t of said, the pain of separation, the fear of losing touch. The three day vacation filled with laughter and comfort food that I long for when I’m in 2000 miles away becomes 72 hours of high intensity emotions and reactions.

While I was home Soul Cycling, eating, shopping, loving the Windy City, discussing books, movies and YouTube videos to watch with my most favorite people in the world, “The life-changing magic of tidying up” was mentioned. It was toted as a “must do” so I put it in my notes and went back to loving my family. As the weekend neared its end the all around pain of leaving set in and the goodbyes were tearful. There’s never enough time and too much has gone unsaid. On the way to the airport I remembered the suggestion of tidying. “Yes”, I thought. Give it to me, I wanted to cleanse, purge, get rid of, go to the core and scrape it all out, unearth all the issues that surrounded my past and put them out on the curb for Friday’s garbage pick-up never to be seen again. Tidying suddenly was the new “magic pill, the remedy, the quick fix I believed yoga had once been and I needed it yesterday. I scoured two airports for the book and finally found it in the last terminal that I could look. I opened the book immediately. I read the testimonials of how it had changed so many lives and with great anticipation thought of all the ways in which it would surely change mine. “What would I purge? How many bags of junk could I get rid of, who would I become once I was done?”

On the plane to my new destiny I read about how we have been taught to organize backwards. Marie Kondo explained that we have been instructed to get rid of, purge, throw out what no longer serves us. “Yeah, exactly why I bought the book, how do I start?”. I stopped and closed the book when I read the sentence “We should be choosing what we want to keep, not what we want to get rid of.” O.M.G. I learned this on the mat, I talk about it in class, I meditate to it, but yet, there is still a part of me that believes I need to be fixed, that I am broken and there is a cure out there. I realized all the ways in which I show up to life like this. I recently went to my naturopath and asked for a food allergy panel, 'tell me what foods I need to get rid of'. I do juice cleanses to purge my body of toxins. Twists on the mat to release old junk in my intestines. Energetic clearings, meditate away the unwanted thoughts, clear out my email in-box of junk mail, purge, purge, purge. And once the magic pill is taken I will be renewed, fixed, my broken self will be made whole again.

“Yoga doesn’t want to change you. It wants to free you.” Bryan Kest

Part Two

“Freedom is not about the size of your cage or power of your wings or non-attachment to a person or thing. Freedom is about being so truly, madly and deeply attached to your own soul that you can not bear ----- if only for one moment ----- a life that does not honor it.” ~ Andrea Balt

The premise of yoga begins with the notion that we are “of God”, a spark of the divine, complete, whole, loved, free. And the practice of yoga and meditation are tools we have been given to remember this, to connect to this part of ourselves, to live from this place. Our imperfections (our human bodies) are, as Brene Brown said “not inadequacies, but reminders that we are all in this together”. When practicing yoga, not just the physical asana, but when living our yoga, we are thinking and acting from this place of wholeness. And any belief otherwise goes against the aims of yoga. Years ago I criticized myself in front of dear friend and mentor of mine and he snapped at me “you are a child of God, how dare you question or chastise her work”.

The work we do on the mat, as I mentioned, is a reflection of life off the mat. We get challenged on the mat as we do in life. We struggle on the mat as we do every day. We fatigue and get bored and distracted. We also find our power, become inspired, and eventually discover the truth of who we are. As I continued reading Kondo’s book she said that if we were to examine our intention behind wanting to tidy up we would realize at the root that we want to be happy. “Therefore, the best criterion for choosing what to keep and what to discard is whether keeping it will make you happy, whether it will bring you joy.”

We begin our yoga practice with an intention. “Why are you here? What got you out of bed and onto the mat today? What do you want to embody in your life?” I believe too that if we were to examine the root of any intention, be it tidying or showing up on the mat, we would realize that we all simply want to be happy. So the challenge on the mat or the meditation cushion is to uncover or awaken to all the ways in which we’ve built up walls, kept ourselves small, told ourselves stories that limit us. Once realized we can make a decision from a place of present moment awareness whether these thoughts, habits, patterns or tendencies are making us happy, bringing us joy. Then we can act from a place of present moment awareness. If they are, then tend to them, love them, nurture them and watch them grow. And if they aren’t, give gratitude for what  it was they once gave you and Let. Them. Go.

She could never go back and make some of the details pretty, all she could do was move forward and make the whole beautiful. ~Terri St. Cloud

Part Three

“When you room is clean and uncluttered, you have no choice but to examine your inner state.” ~Marie Kondo

The process of tidying is done by using your intuition rather than logic. You feel the item, touch it, sense it, hold it close to your heart and either happily keep it or let it go. This becomes easier with time. I found myself in a tidying rhythm, moving right along, it was fun, uncovering what I truly loved to possess. On the mat the idea is the same. As Rolf Gates says “we are moving from thinking to feeling”. Rather than “what should I be doing? Is this right? Perfect?” Using intuition it becomes “Is this moving me closer to my intention or farther away? Am on on auto pilot with my body pulling the breath or have I surrendered to the breath, to my inner knowing?”

This process allows us to go deeper into who we are and what we truly cherish. But as you dig deeper the more you find. Both on the mat and with tidying. Rather than go room by room to tidy your home Kondo’s system is to go category by category. Clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous then sentimental items. Just like on the mat, it’s easier to work with the body first then move to the more subtle aspects of our being that will inevitably be more challenging like our ego and emotions. Sure enough, as I went deeper, tidying got hard. There was a lot of stuff. The piles kept coming, the drawers I had forgotten possessions even lived in. The amount of papers, neatly stacked in desks, drawers, closets and bags tucked in the guest room. Tidying papers was quite a day. I jammed the paper shredder and my husband nearly divorced me. It was emotionally exhausting. Ever had one of the moments on the mat? You tell yourself an old story, and you realize the moment you think it, it’s a story that limits you. Or you set an intention and instantly list off all the reasons you will never have it? That’s what all that stuff represented to me. A dream left unattended to under a pile of crap, something that I procrastinated on maybe because I didn’t believe I was worthy of it or I scared of what might happen if I truly stepped into my power. I ate ice cream for dinner that night as I sat faced with a full recycling bin and the knowing that there was a part of me that still believed the “the story” that I wasn’t worthy. The sheer amount of clutter in my home was testament to the all the ways in which I keep myself small.

A few days of wallowing and a lot of apologies to my husband for dragging him into this and then the beauty hit me. The things that I loved, the dreams that I had, the project I procrastinated on were all still there. Not one thing ever got up and left my home because I didn’t use it or had forgotten about it. And herein lies the beauty of the practice. The beauty of who we are. Our true self never leaves us. Our intuition, our source, our power, our love, our light. It’s always there. Sure there might 700 unused sticky notes or hotel shampoo bottles sitting on top of it but it’s not going anywhere.

Our bodies hurt then they heal

Our minds distract than they become clear

Our emotions dip and twist and turn

Our ability to remember our worth waxes and wanes.

But the truth of who we are remains. It is there for us whenever we are ready. It’s not even going to ask any questions about where we’ve been or who we’ve been moonlighting with. It’s there, waiting. Kondo says “everything you own wants to be of use to you”. Your spirit, your creativity, your intuition wants to be of use to you.

“Believe what your heart tells you when you ask, ‘does this spark joy’” ~Marie Kondo


“The greatest tool of self-love is self-awareness. Once you truly know yourself, love is the only option.” ~ Vironika Tugaleva

When we sit in meditation we often experience physical discomfort, mental chaos, emotional highs and lows and the illusion that we are alone, separate from one another. The idea is to feel all these things fully and recognize that you have the ability to stay with something uncomfortable and not get up to grab a bag of chips, that you can experience anxiety and not have to have a drink, or be sad and not go shopping or glorify your busyness. You have the ability to sit in the moment and feel the sensation and stay, without reaction, until you move through it. But this takes practice and that is why we sit or go to a yoga class. To practice for the hardest yoga class we will ever take; our everyday life. What we eventually experience is not perfection in mediation, not the perfect yoga pose or the perfect yoga body, but self awareness. Self-awareness without judgement, expectation or criticism. Self-awareness without the negative commentary we normally live by. Self-awareness as the objective observer in the moment. Self-awareness as the silent witness who responds rather than reacts. Self-awareness that will, one day, lead us to radical self-acceptance. And we will bask in this self-acceptance until we experience complete self-love for the sweet person we see in the mirror every day.

What would a world look like where we all put our happiness at the top of our “to-do” list? Where we all followed our heart and stopped judging and criticising ourselves? What if we allowed ourselves to fall without condemning the learning process? What if we trusted that we are supported and that we were all meant to succeed and that there is enough to go around? I watch students try so hard in yoga to perfect the pose, to do it right. I first took a private yoga class because I wanted to make sure my triangle was on point. But the world around us is not perfect, our limited human bodies and minds can never be without imperfections. All we can do is hold steady the vision of our happiness, our truth, the notion that is the premise of yoga philosophy, that we are of God, that our heritage is divine. Not part of a man-made religion but of GOD, we are all made of the exact same material and that is infinite intelligence. So what if we started seeing, first ourselves, as that? What if we started treating ourselves as divine? Talking to ourselves like we were part of the unconditional love that created us? If we truly believed in the notion that we are not God, but of God, we couldn’t help but begin to see each and every person and each and every thing in this world as just that.

These two quotes are so beautifully matched because self-awareness will lead us to self-love. But first we have to observe without judgement, criticism or expectation the ways in which we have blocked this love. We have to observe the noise, our habits, our patterns, our tendencies before we can make a present moment choice as to whether they are drawing us closer to our spirit or father away. We have to observe our humanness with radical acceptance before we can know our truth. We have to allow our tree poses and are meditation to be messy and awkward and uncomfortable, just like life is, before we can see that is all truly magical.

The yoga pose is not the goal. Becoming flexible is not the goal. Standing on your hands is not the goal.
The goal is to create space where you were once stuck. To unveil the layers of protection you’ve built around your heart. To appreciate your body and become aware of the mind and the noise it creates. To make peace with who you are.
The goal is to love, well… You. ~ Rachel Brathen



“Nobody loves me, nobody cares,
Nobody picks me peaches and pears.
Nobody offers me candy and Cokes,
Nobody listens and laughs at me jokes.
Nobody helps when I get into a fight,
Nobody does all my homework at night.
Nobody misses me,
Nobody cries,
Nobody thinks I'm a wonderful guy.
So, if you ask me who's my best friend, in a whiz,
I'll stand up and tell you NOBODY is!
But yesterday night I got quite a scare
I woke up and Nobody just WASN'T there!
I called out and reached for Nobody's hand,
In the darkness where Nobody usually stands,
Then I poked through the house, in each cranny and nook,
But I found SOMEBODY each place that I looked.
I seached till I'm tired, and now with the dawn,
There's no doubt about it-
NOBODY'S GONE!!” ~Shel Silverstein

In order for our dreams to become reality we have to have a healthy level of trust in ourselves. More to the point we actually have to become the thing that we want. If my intention is clarity then I meditate on that word, I picture what clarity looks like, I invoke feelings of clarity, I show up for clarity...even if my current state is confusion. I sit with clarity until I can feel clarity within. We will eventually find what it is we are looking for if we trust that it is ours to have.

Shel Silverstein’s book Where the Sidewalk Ends was one of my most favorite books as a child. I read it front to back many times and this was one of my favorite poems. I’m reminded of this poem from time to time, it has always stayed with me and I’m not even sure why. But I was recently inspired to pull it out of the archives and dissect it. Interestingly it came at a time when TRUST, inparticular self-trust, was the main theme of my classes. This is my take on the poem and why I think it has had a place in my heart all these years…..

“Nobody love me, Nobody cares”. “Nobody” is somebody within this child that believes in him. “Nobody” is him. His inner being, his spirit, his soul, God. We all have this, this is who we are. We are of God. Human bodies housing a spirit and our spirit loves us, cares for us, laughs at our jokes, buys us candy and cokes. Our inner being (our truest self) is available to us when we trust that it is indeed who we are. We can manifest clarity even in the midst of confusion when we trust that we are a spark of the divine.

This sweet boy is sitting in total confidence of himself. “Nobody thinks I’m a wonderful guy!” He is owning it.

But because we are human we also have the small self voice and the noise of the external influences. One day someone tells us we aren’t all that or fear and self doubt creep in and we hear “Who do you think you are to have that dream? What do you have to say? How dare you shine like that?” And our trust starts to wane. “I woke up and Nobody just wasn’t there”.

The key, I believe, is to hold steady the vision of our dream. A simple reminder that I want clarity. A few conscious breaths to bring me back to the knowing that it is available if I stay grounded in the truth. Trust that the Universe is cheering me on from the sidelines, wants me to succeed and is never judging or condemning me. We are human. We are going to get tired, fatigue, fear and self-doubt will at some point sneakily try to creep in. But knowing, believing, trusting in our innermost self will allow us to see the magic and beauty all around. If I put myself in this trusting vibration then stop and look outside at a tree, a body of water, a single white floating cloud, or sit quietly and take ten breaths I can’t help but see and feel the magic all around. I didn’t create the beautiful world around me but I do believe the sun rises and sets in all it’s glory each and every day for us. The beauty is a part of who we are, we are not separate from it but completely connected.

The boy didn’t let fear creep in, he held on to the knowing that his inner being loves and cares for him so he looks around and can’t help but see the magic because it’s everywhere; ”I found somebody each place that I looked.”

Then the moment hits him.

“Nobody’s gone!”

He had it within all along. We all do. Freedom, the ability to love the sweet self we see in the mirror each day, clarity, peace, wisdom, power and the confidence to make our dreams a reality.


You Yourself, Exactly As You Are, Deserve LOVE

“To offer our hearts in faith means recognizing that our hearts are worth something, that we ourselves, in our deepest and truest nature, are of value."          ~ Sharon Salzberg

It’s common at the beginning of a yoga class for the teacher to ask the student to set an intention. “Why are you here? What is it that you want to embody in your life?” As students we set our intention on something physical; strength in the body or openness. Or something mental; clarity, focus, wisdom. Sometimes emotional; balance, peace. Spiritual; such as connection, oneness, or the desire to know who we are at our core. Even if you have never before stepped onto a yoga mat you may have a dream for your life or a desire for how you want to show up everyday in the world.

I have come to know for myself that if I were to dissect any of my current intentions what I would find underneath is LOVE. The desire to know love, be love, act from a place of love and to remember that I am loved; always. Even if in that moment I’m coming to the mat to heal my damaged knee what is at the root of wanting to be healthy and free and strong and capable is love. Love for my body, for the life I’ve been given and quality of how I want to live it.

I was recently inspired by an article that a friend shared with me titled “Toward a Worldwide Culture of Love”. It’s so interesting to me that in the year 2016 we seem farther away from love than ever. The author Bell Hooks said “Fundamentally, the practice of love begins with acceptance—the recognition that wherever we are is the appropriate place to practice, that the present moment is the appropriate time. But for so many of us our longing to love and be loved has always been about a time to come, a space in the future when it will just happen, when our hungry hearts will finally be fed, when we will find love.”

I realized as I read those words, that if we are not thoughtful in our habits, each time we embark on a new way of eating, join a gym, begin a yoga class, change our hair color or pick up a self help book the intention that we set for these for these seemingly wonderful additions to our life can be a subtle form of aggression against who we are now. The tendency is to think that as we sit now is imperfect. That we could possibly be better than we are now, fixed, made whole. We think that we are only one yoga class/juice cleanse/silent retreat away from being worthy.

In essence we are at war with ourselves.

This internal dilemma is the dormant volcano we sit on as we experience the world around us. With our insides bubbling with displeasure we frame the world around us with the perspective of annoyance, frustration, not good enough, imperfection and my personal favorite…..they should know better.

The article went on to quote Dr. Martin Luther King who said: “Sooner or later all the people of the world will have to discover a way to live together in peace.… If this is to be achieved, man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.”

Bell Hooks continued “In cultivating love, we remember one of the most powerful truths the Buddha taught … that the forces in the mind that bring suffering are able to temporarily hold down the positive forces such as love or wisdom, but they can never destroy them.… Love can uproot fear or anger or guilt, because it is a greater power. Love can go anywhere. Nothing can obstruct it.”

Our meditation practice speaks to this. It’s only in the stillness of the present moment that we can know who we are at our core. That we can experience the love that is our truest nature. Once we are able to let the anger burn through, the frustration to unravel in our brains, the anxiety to well up to the point of shaking, we can move through it all. We will see what exists on the other side. We have to stop thinking that because we have have anger we are angry, because we have frustration that we are confusion. NO, we are love.

It has to begin with the sweet self that we see in the mirror every day. And if you can’t possibly believe that you are worthy or deserving or if you are spending your days blaming someone else, like I did for far too long, then I offer you a tool.

Try meditation. There are apps you can download that will play chimes to bring you back when you get distracted. Take a walk without any electronics. My favorite is to sit first thing in the morning, cup of tea or coffee in hand, set the timer and enjoy. I just sit. It doesn’t have to be anything special. Just sit, take a sip, watch the breath. I often repeat my intention over and over, sometimes I allow the the negativity to boil because if it doesn’t I’ll spread it out into the world and I’m trying really hard to spread love instead of hate. It really never matters how I show up to my meditation, the practice meets me right where I am every time. Eventually I’m reminded of how good things really are. Over time I'm able to hear that "you, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire Universe, deserve your love and affection." ~Buddha

Here are two of my mantras I repeat:

“I am……” (because whatever follows this phrase will find you. Make it fabulous.)

And a loving kindness meditation:

May I be happy

May I be well

May I be safe

May I be peaceful and walk on this earth with ease

May you be happy

May you be well

May you be safe

May you be peaceful and walk on this earth with ease.




"I Choose"

“There are only 3 things that can make your dreams come true: your thoughts, your words, and your actions.” ~Mike Dooley

There are so many things in life that we can not choose. The weather; rain, sun, a destructive tornado. The words, actions or reactions of someone else. When a loved one will leave this earth. The gender of our babies. How we will fall in love or with who. We don’t even get to choose when our own personal transformation will take place. Our work is really to simply show up each day, despite the conditions around us that we are not in charge of, and make small steps toward our goals. But being in control makes us feel safe so we mistakenly go about our day trying to take charge of a bunch of things that we can’t ever make different. And then, when they don’t go our way or if something does change in our favor all we do is crow about it.

Every day we are making hundreds of choices most of which we don’t realize we are making. The thoughts we think, the words we speak, the way that we feel, YES, the way we feel. Now let me say that this took me quite a while to wrap my head around and it has taken me some months of practice. Because before this awareness If I was angry, so I thought, it was someone else’s fault. They should know better, have said or done it different. If I was sad it was because they hurt me. If I was anxious it was because too much had been put on my plate.

This is the world happening to me.

For so long I’ve thought about it backwards. I tried to control the things I couldn't possibly and had forgotten the only things that I do have complete power over. The thoughts I think, the words I say, the beliefs I hold and the actions I take, when chosen consciously, allow me to step into a power that for so long seemed to be in someone else's hands.

Stop for a moment, close your eyes and repeat to yourself; “I have to” and feel into those words.

Do the same thing with; “I don’t want to” and notice what happens in your body. The tops of my shoulders and my neck instinctively tense. I feel a tightness across the front of my heart. Sadly, this is the reaction we have to so many things throughout the course of a day. “I don’t want to but I have to”. I even find myself saying “I have to about things that I want to do”. “I have to go to this party”; sounds rough, huh?

Take a moment and think of something that you want. Mine is often clarity, love, freedom, abundance etc. Any intention for anything you would like. Now, place the most powerful statement that you can possibly declare, in front of your intention; “I choose” and give it a little time.

Now do it with a thought; “I choose to think that I am not good enough”. Whoa, that's a big one.

Now do it with a feeling; I choose to be tired, angry, happy, joyful.

How bout, I choose to trust in my ability to move me closer to my dreams. Feel that for a moment.

This is good stuff. What I’ve realized is that if it’s something minor; a car cuts me off in traffic and I start to spin out about how rude people are. I stop and say “I choose” to be angry. The sheer insignificance of the incident will then make me laugh. “Really, I want to ruin my day by choosing that?? I don’t think so.”

Here’s where it gets interesting. What if it’s something not insignificant? Death, war, disease, destruction...remember, there are so many things we can’t choose. Then maybe we absolutely want/need/have to choose sadness, anger or fear. There are times we have to acknowledge that we, as the Dixie Chicks said, “aren’t ready to make nice” and know that is OK. All feelings are meant to be felt for the appropriate amount of time until we can move through them and know what exists on the other side. (I invite you read last month’s blog post for more on this).

Once we sit with the feeling we can know who it is we are beyond them, know what it is we truly want to embody in this lifetime. If I’m going to choose fear and sit with it and feel it fully and know it deeply, what I will find on the other side, is that my deepest longing is trust, safety, intimacy. So I will sit for as long as I need and say “I choose fear”. I will watch it, as uncomfortable as it is feel it, then, although it doesn’t seem like it could possibly happen, my light begins to shine through it. When I feel I’ve moved through it (which could take days or months), I can then say “I choose to trust” and begin to let go of the thoughts and habits that have been blocking me from allowing this intention. If I’m going to let anger well up to the point where my whole body feels like it’s on fire what I will surely find on the other side is the love that resides at my core and that all I truly want is forgiveness and freedom and humor in my life. “I choose. I choose. I choose.”

Say it. For every physical action, every thought, every feeling that comes up today, say it. And watch who you become.

“The only way to get what you really want, is to know what you really want. And the only way to know what you really want, is to know yourself. And the only way to know yourself, is to be yourself. And the only way to be yourself is to listen to your heart.”  ~Mike Dooley

This blog post was inspired by the daily emails I receive from the Universe. You can get them too. www.tut.com

“In this time space reality we can not lose ----- but we can think that we have and that loss will seem intolerable. We cannot fail ----- but we can think we have and that pain will seem unbearable. And we cannot ever be less than we truly are powerful, eternal, loved ----- but we can think we are and all hope will seem lost. And therein lies our work. To see beyond appearances. To know the true as intimately as we know the false. A test of perceptions: of what to focus on, of what to believe in. How about, no matter the temptation, you no longer think or say, “I’m tired”, “I’m hurt”, “I’m angry”. Don’t even say or think “I’m happy”. Instead, whenever the urge arises, think or say, “I choose to be tired”, hurt, angry or happy” and give it a little time. Because this is how you become anything. Feelings are based on perceptions, which are based on beliefs, which at all times are chosen.” ~ The Universe

Feel all of you beyond the pain

“When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.”
~Kahlil Gibran
I sat in meditation today and simply felt. I probably shouldn’t use the word “simply”, there is nothing simple about feeling what I am used to pushing away. I felt heartache/disconnect/abandonment from just below my belly to my heart; the pain running along my center line. I felt a situation where I believed I’d made a mistake, wished something had gone different; right in my throat like I was being choked. I felt the sense of insecurity from my heart along my arms, the worst tingling sensation where I thought I might actually have to feel this for a lifetime. I felt sadness through one tear streaming down my face, then my eyes began to swell and my head throbbed.
This might sound crazy and for a moment I thought I was crazy. Wouldn’t taking a drink of my warm coffee sitting in front of me soothe me out of this pain? What if I picked up the phone that was playing chimes on the floor next to me and texted my grievances to a friend? Why wouldn’t I just stop and chose to sit at a time when I wasn’t so reactive or had forgotten about all my woes? Of course I thought of all these reactions but I knew what I had to do. I had to feel. I had to sit with the pain, the discomfort, in order to remember that I am not these things. I had to take my power back over them.
I felt into each area, into the horrible discomfort and took a breath. I soothed myself with the knowing of the beliefs that years of practice have assured me of. That we are indeed a spark of the divine. That the Universe wants us to succeed. That there is an invisible intelligence that pervades all of life. That without fail the sun will rise in just a few short moments and set at the end of the day. That I am powerful beyond measure and I have choices in each moment to change my damning circumstances. I felt my breath even out, as if it was rubbing my back saying; “it will be OK”. I was able to remember and begin again. This remembering felt like a warmth of a summer day or the coziness of a fire as you snuggle on the couch. I will admit it was tiny, very small right in the center of my chest. But it didn’t actually have to be big, it was powerful enough to center me, pull me out of chaos of the perceived reality of my imagination and drop me right back into to present time where something bigger than me was in charge. Something beyond my ego was taking over. It felt empowering and yet compassionate and forgiving and easy and light and courageous.
All too often I run from the feelings that I don't want to experience because I believe that the pain will be too much to bear. So in those brief moments of meditation, rather than the heaviness that can sometimes accompany being human weighing me down, I allowed my soul to lighten it. Feeling the pain fully actually moved me through it and smack into who I am beyond it. And that.... is simply radiant. 
“Many of us spend our whole lives running from feeling with the mistaken belief that you can not bear the pain. But you have already borne the pain. What you have not done is feel all you are beyond that pain.”  
~ Kahlil Gibran

Remember and begin again

“I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical.” ~ Arthur C. Clarke
The astrological theme for January 2016 is RESET. Now, let’s be clear, I don’t know a thing about astrology. But I do really enjoy reading from the website mysticmamma.com who posts the theme for each month. The fascinating aspect about my love for this knowledge, is that before I even knew that a “theme” for the month was a thing, I had been feeling, pretty intensely, strong pulls in certain directions (decisions intuitively I knew I had to make), big time energy shifts, old past hurts coming to the surface or tremendous amounts of energy toward a new career move or a hyperactive intense demand to clean and organize every closet and drawer in my house. I started noticing it in my classes  as well. If I spoke to what I was feeling the whole class responded positively. Students would come up after class and ask me to send them the quotes I read or would say; “that sequence was exactly what I needed”.  
Perusing mysticmamma.com one day I read that the theme for September was trust/faith. Sure enough that month I had been struggling with an aspect of my life that I didn’t think should be the way it was. I wasn’t trusting that I was being guided. I didn’t have faith that these were the lessons I needed to grow. I had also lost my voice that month, in yogic philosophy the throat chakra (subtle body energy center) is where our “faith” resides. According to thelivingroom.com; “the fifth chakra is connected to listening to our inner wisdom and making sense of it. The battle that takes place in the energy centre of the fifth chakra is one of fear versus faith. It is fear that keeps us making choices that are “reasonable”, based on “good judgement”, but not necessarily true to our inner wisdom.” Liz Gilbert said; “Faith is belief in what you cannot see or prove or touch. Faith is walking face-first & full speed into the dark.”
I continued on...in October the theme was finding the balance between doing and being. Knowing who we are,  who it is we want to become, what our strongest values are and our biggest intentions. And taking this information into account in our every thought, conversation and action; allowing it to permeate our entire life in order to make clear decisions according to our innermost alignment with our highest self. Right there, I believe it was the very day I read that, in my notes for class, was Rolf Gates quote; “The pose is what you are doing, yoga is who you are being”. Whaaaaaat? This was not coincidence.
I wrote a blog post in November about a day that I sat on my floor thinking; “there is something more. I’m ready for what comes next”. I looked at the theme for November, it was “pressure”. They went on to explain that we feel like we are in a container that has gotten too tight. The container has served us but we’ve grown out of it and this month will be the labor that will birth our transformation. Interestingly; Kristin Tone and I led a yoga retreat in Mexico this month. I mentioned to group a feeling that I had based on the energy of the classes. I told them how last years retreat the theme of the group was very much “I’m enough”, but that this year’s was obviously; “I’m ready”.
December: Transition. As mystic mamma said: “Definition of TRANSITION: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. It is a move, a passage, a transformation, a leap and an evolution. “The TRANSITION this month is the ‘being in mid air’. Don’t look down, keep your eye on the new ground.”  On the final days of the month I listened to Mike Dooley speak about “keeping my eye on the end result and taking action toward that”. I sat, I prayed “show me” and asked for the courage to move toward my goals. I said yes to some things that scared me and said no to some things that were holding me back. I reminded my students (and in turn myself)  “Getting there is not about being better, more deserving, or smarter, it’s about realizing that you already are, and acting as if.” And I leap into 2016.
“Yoga is the movement from one point to the next -- a higher one.” ~Desikachar
January: RESET.
The beginning of the year is very similar to the beginning of a yoga class. Two things I have been working on and encourage students to bring along with them; “gratitude” for where they have been and “courage” for where they are going. The pages are blank at this point, it’s totally up to you what goes on them. As Mary Schmich said: (this is a time) “when you can believe that the past doesn't count against you, that the future is yours to make.” This is true for the beginning of anything and we forget how often we get this opportunity, with every sunrise, with every first step we take toward a goal, with every breath.
Two prayers (that I particularly love because they are so simple yet incredibly profound) for this starting point are “Thank You” (for where I’ve been, what I have and who I am). And “Show Me” (the courage, the bravery, the boldness to be open and receptive so the Universe can work through me. May I open and allow my highest self to emerge so I may step into my biggest dreams knowing that I am worthy and deserving).
The beginning of this year seems pretty quiet to me. Same with the beginning of class. It’s a time we commit to letting go of the past, where it is we have been, to set aside all our duties and responsibilities and relationships and show up for the present. When we “reset” we need to get quiet enough, still enough to watch our thoughts and become the ‘objective observer’ so we know when our fear, rather than our faith is driving the bus. Still enough, quiet enough to trust so completely in ourselves, to believe that our intentions are ours to have and allow the sweet whisper of our intuition to be heard. Sill enough, quiet enough to feel into the sensations, especially when the pressure builds, and not run and hide or check out. Still enough, quiet enough to take a leap even when it’s the most awkward thing we can image. And still enough, quite enough to be present for each and every beautiful moment where we can remember and begin again.



Become who you already are.

“Right below the surface of life is an ocean of spirit”.
Rolf Gates
It is naturally very easy to connect to what is around us. All of our senses at work connecting with the external world. Think for a moment where you have been, the past few days or the week that has just come and gone. The people in your life, the things that own. Take a few seconds to see where you are going, all of your duties, responsibilities, what comes next? Now, draw your attention a little nearer. Feel into the areas of the body connected to the earth, resist the urge to straighten your posture, simply observe... Your feet... Legs... Belly and low back... Heart center... Shoulders and arms... Each side of your neck and into your jaw... Skin around the eyes... Crown of the head... Let’s go more subtle still. After you read this sentence, close your eyes and imagine, feel into, experience, the ocean of spirit that exists under the surface of all the externals, can you sense a presence that holds you up that is beyond, skin, tissue, muscles and bones?
It can be profound to feel the pulse of all of life that is within us. What you may have noticed is that you felt bigger in a sense, lighter, more vibrant, as if, you were no longer the doer and something was breathing you.
Maybe you felt nothing at all? Don’t worry about that, this is the work of our meditation and yoga practice. Each and every time we step on the mat or sit on the meditation cushion we are giving space for this presence to expand and move to the forefront of our life. We sit committing to stillness and eventually our smaller mind gives way to our higher mind, the ocean of spirit within us connects with the vast ocean of the Universe. On the mat we move the body, sometimes holding postures for several minutes, sometimes moving slow and steady, other days we chose to be more rigorous about our practice, it doesn’t matter, the idea is the same. We use the body to connect to what lies beyond the body. To allow this presence, which lies right below the surface of this physical realm, to have a more profound effect in our everyday life.
Over time we become familiar with this presence and our attention shifts. Where once we were solely influenced by what is around us, by our physical condition, our scattered chaotic mind. Now we are guided by our intuition, spirit, our Intelligence. Moved by the vast ocean of spirit that is who we are under the surface of it all.


“In the heart of every person burns the spark of luminous goodness; in no heart is there total darkness”

Edward Hays

Once we understand and begin to trust in the knowing that, as Gates said; “under the surface of life there is an ocean of spirit”. Then we begin to believe in our worthiness. We begin to believe that we are deserving. We believe that we are loved; just as we are. There are no preconditions to be met, there are no tests to take or rules to follow in order to become more. We become more, we evolve, when we trust in what underlies the surface and we surrender to that. We come to know that WHO WE ALREADY ARE is perfect.

It is from this place that we may resolve to eat less sugar, to move our bodies more, to pick up a hobby, take a class to exercise the mind, meditate, speak kinder, form more boundaries, work more or work less, organize our life. When we tap into this ocean of spirit our future is bright. We see into the limitless potential of who we can become. But, is no longer from a place of needing to be fixed or different in any way. We are no longer trying to improve ourselves or say that we can be better than we are right now. Instead, we see our worthiness, our wholeness, we know that we are supported and loved and we begin to meet the Universe halfway. We say, I’m ready! And we show up every day, committed to simply becoming who we already are... A spark of the divine.