I love you, but I'm letting go.

“I love you, but I’m letting go” Elizabeth Gilbert

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A mentor of mine asked me the other day; “what do think you will gain by staying small?” I looked at her and said; “a lifetime of mediocrity, unhappiness, nothing ever changing”. She smiled and said “I’m glad you understood the question”. I think I grunted something back like “ugh, I know”. Then she asked “well what do you think you will lose by stepping into your power?” and I just cried.

Around the same time I read this quote by Liz Gilbert (I want to call her Liz because I feel like she’s one of my besties) and her explanation of how it’s not just having a hard time saying “no” or even saying “no” to the things we don’t want to do, it’s saying; “I love you and I want to, but no”, to the things that are potentially holding us back from who and where we want to be. From our truest potential.

Do I love scrolling through dog & kitty videos? (don’t tell the neighborhood cats that i actually like them despite the fact they chase my quails) YES, I love to mindlessly scroll, Instagram too. But I’ve have to set parameters.

Do I love to drink a big cup of coffee practically before I open my eyes in the morning? YES. Would a hot cup of lemon water be better for my body? YEP.

Do I love binge watching Netfix? Sleeping in? Traveling anywhere anyone will invite me? Excessive shopping? One more glass of wine? YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. All day long, yes.

Now I’m not saying there is no place in the world for these things but this is the beginning of MY personal list, and I plan to go day by day. I see where it is I’m going, who I want my future self to be. And some days things that I love, that are of no importance at that time, preoccupy my time and my energy and then I find myself using excuses like “I was just too busy today” or “I need coffee to wake up, I only had time to meditate for ten minutes” blah, blah, blah.

Will stepping into my power be scary, hard, awkward, feel alone? I’m not sure but I’ll let you know.

“I love you, but I’m letting go”