You Are Here

“What you are looking for is already in you...You already are everything you are seeking.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

You are here. Wherever you are right now reading this, feel your feet on the earth, or if you can, place your hand on the ground, touch the floor, feel the texture of the grass or rug, wood or tile, under you. You are here. In this moment. Taking this breath. In this life. At this time. In this place. Where all your strength lies. Where all your openness, clarity, equanimity, contentment and peace exits. Where all the magic is and where you will ultimately find freedom.

I teach yoga because every time I’m on the mat I’m reminded of my body and it’s abilities, and even sometimes lack of, but I’m still reminded. Every time I step on the mat I get to feel the breath breathing me. It’s a place where there’s opportunity to see beyond the chaos of my mind. It's the place where I remember to align, to find center, to experience the magic. It might sound funny or simply obvious but on the mat I am reminded that I’m alive. Honestly, how often do we forget this? I know that unless I’m injured or my muscles are sore I don’t really spend much time thinking about my body while I’m in my every day. Unless I am holding it or have a cold I rarely think of my breath. If I’m not careful my mind can spin on autopilot and I will be drudging up something I’m mad about from 1988. Without reminding myself I can walk through this world of 7 billion people and feel completely separate and alone. For me, the mat is where I connect. But the mat is simply practice for the every day. What I've learned is that no matter where I am I can find center, peace, happiness, love.

Again, feel an area of your body connected to the earth. Look at something, anything from where you are right this minute and see it’s beauty. Feel one breath and with the mind’s eye watch it run along your spine. YOU ARE ALIVE. There’s blood pumping through your veins, there’s oxygen flowing into your muscles, there’s a spirit that animates your body that compels you to get out of bed every day and show up in the world as YOU.

I believe we can no longer take this granted. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, right now, you have the privilege of designing something else. Empower the present. You are here. In this moment. Taking this breath. In this life. At this time. In this place.

“Don’t wait to start living. Live now! Your life should be real in this very moment.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh