The one we've been waiting for

There are times I get completely caught up in the illusion. Overly aware that my body is limited and aging with each passing day. The sense of powerlessness or lack of control over the seemingly auto-piloted mind. The demands of world around me “do this”, “don’t do that”, “be here not there”, “buy this”, “eat that” and it all being summed up with “you’re not enough”. I feel pulled into a million directions, scattered and fragmented.

This combined fear, powerlessness and inadequacy to measure up is often what compels me to the mat. Not so much the discomfort, but the sense that there’s gotta be something more. An intuitive pull that there is something bigger, an orchestrator holding this all together, a piece that I am clearly missing in my dismal state.

Our stuckness becomes a way, our judgment a way, our tightness, skepticism, fear, self doubt, all becomes ways of being until something hints that maybe there’s another way. If I’m stuck, can’t I become unstuck? If I judge couldn’t I release the criticism? If I’m limited, chaotic and fragmented couldn’t I become whole? Even the mere questioning sends shivers down my spine. The limitations of this time, space reality seem obvious but I can hear Hicks and Dooley both responding with some variation of; of course there is something bigger going on than this limited physical existence. The sun rises and sets every day without question, 7 billion people are living together on some level of sophistication, there’s an estimation of 8.7 million different species on the planet that are coexisting. The planets move at perfect proximity to one another and we’ve done nothing to make this happen but something has. How easy it is to forget the magnitude while walking around with blinders on.

I may begin my journey to the mat or meditation cushion out of the stuck place I happen to find myself in but it’s a matter of minutes before I’m moving in a synchronized flow, my breath breathing me. A sequence that opens up my body in a way that makes me feel vibrant and alive and I instantly question what took me so long. The same question our spirit lovelingly asks when we finally return home.

This is alignment. Street-level you beautifully co-creating with higher-level you. We know these moments by the ease we feel, the lightness in our body accompanied with complete confidence. This happens because we are perceiving life through spirit rather than our limitations. Our body no longer becomes a hindrance but a tool, we gain control to focus the mind in a way that is empowering and our alignment becomes obvious by how the external world is responding to us. Our experience of the moment becomes heightened, life becomes more fun, our intuition tuned in and we hear what we’ve always suspected to be true; we are one we’ve been waiting for.