Spring Cleanse

I spent last weekend in my childhood home, the place that is simultaneously exactly as I left it and completely different than I remember. Surrounded by those I love the most I struggle to find myself, to not revert into a 13yr old girl and to exude the balance in life that I feel I have successfully found in my new home.

Two things were happening while I wrestled with finding inner alignment. The second full moon in March and while in route I was devouring Gabby Bernstein’s new book “The Judgement Detox”. I didn’t catch the irony until I was sitting on the plane to return to the West coast staring at the beauty of the blue moon out of the airplane window and crying at the section of the book that suggested we learn to forgive.

“When we become willing to invest in love, spirit can step in. Spirit won’t take from us what we’re not willing to give away. But when we’re willing to forgive, spirit can take away our shame, guilt, and sin and help us see love instead.”

I quickly looked up the astrological energy of the full moon and just as I suspected my trusty sight mysticmamma.com said “at this particular time we are being asked to bring the focus inward and gaze deeply into the mirror of self so we can truly come into right relationship with all our relations.”

Mystic Mamma went on to suggest that the dynamics of our relationships will shift when we ourselves shift. But how do we approach this shift? Because it sure sounds a lot safer to aimlessly scroll through Instagram than it does to “gaze deeply into the mirror of self”. I connected these two amazing resources to help us begin our cleansing.

  • Gabby explains our need for self inquiry but she doesn’t point fingers. She actually suggests that we are all in this together. “We must recognize that we all have the same problem and the same solution. Our problem is that we have separated from love and the solution is to return to love.” As we’ve seen from current events and the droves of women who have stepped up in solidarity to share their stories of hurt and shame there is nothing more connecting than the statement #metoo.
  • Investigating our separation (resistance, guilt, shame, judgement) can easily beget more of the same. I will often get angry over my anger or feel extremely stuck in my resistance and the cycle continues. Growth occurs when let our guard down. “We must honor ourselves for having the willingness to look with love at whatever has caused our separation.” Game changer.

  • We’ve got some momentum now but Gabby warns that the ego will try to thwart your efforts. It will not soften without you questioning if this shift or right relations are something you even want. Before you ask the answer is YES, yes you do because you are worthy of happiness! And your happiness will spread to those you love the most. When the ego pitches a fit we have to remember what compelled us to look within in the first place. At our very core we all want to be free. We all want to be happy. And we all want to feel connected. This is possible for you and it is possible for me.

I’ve made a commitment to the cleanse and I have to say that minus the slight craving to place some blame I’m feeling really good.