Intention Setting For The New Year

creating meaning in each moment


I have always been a huge fan of setting resolutions, a goal to reach, something to strive for, the potential for what could be motivated me. It felt harmless to want a better version of myself to emerge. But I was stuck in the loop of looking at the past, wishing it was different and ahead to the future, hoping it would get better and never truly living in the moment. And because the part of ourselves we want to abandon for the new and improved version never goes away I would always keep bumping up against the old me wondering why I wasn’t better at all this by now.

Last New Year’s Eve I decided to try something different. Rather than my usual goals of new improved me I set my intention for the New Year. It was bold. “My happiness matters”. I wrote it out and began the practices that have completely changed how I show up for everything.

Through intention setting rather than making resolutions you will

Learn how to effortlessly set intentions Add meaning to your everyday Begin to live life on purpose Find enjoyment in the most mundane tasks Learn the healing power of crystals Raise your vibration to meet your highest self Acknowledge that the moments of our lives have meaning Access the power to your happiness

Give the most meaningful gift of all, a new way of seeing the world, to yourself, to someone special or both and receive

In plenty of time to wrap and put under the tree Three perfectly paired crystals On December 26th, 27th, 28th A daily email with a short video, a themed intention setting exercise, a guided meditation, information on how and when to use your crystals and suggested practices to elevate your everyday experience.