Intention Setting For The New Year

creating meaning in each moment

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Daily Meditations

Of all the practices outlined in the program meditation has been the most profound for me. But the effects are not as obvious during the practice as they will be when you find yourself faced with a challenge or in a moment of fear or confusion. If you are new to the practice please do not feel discouraged if your mind is restless or the body stiff while you sit. I can’t stress enough that this is the practice, to watch the mind wander and draw it back, time and time again. This is the workout for the brain, similar to lifting weights at the gym, each time we draw the mind back we are strengthening our ability to become present even when we aren’t sitting, to stand at ease in the midst of chaos and to access the depths of the love we possess even when the world around us seems unkind. Purposefully the meditations are short to encourage the habit of sitting even if it’s only for 1 minute a day. You will want to do each meditation in order as they build on one another. ENJOY!


Day 1 Gratitude

Day 2 Intentions

Day 3 Transitions