You are about to step out of your every day life and step into stillness. This retreat is an amazing opportunity to come to know the incredible beauty, wisdom and peace that resides at the very center of your being. We are coming together to get to know the power of our own presence! To best prepare you, and us, for this journey please fill out the following questionnaire, become acquainted with where you are headed and think about committing to one thing that you believe will enhance your experience. 

Name *

The following is a typical day at Mar de Jade

Step Into Stillness will begin on Wednesday evening October 18th with an opening circle and a light yoga practice. (Lunch & Dinner provided Wednesday)

A typical retreat day (Thursday-Saturday):

  • Coffee & Tea
  • Morning vinyasa flow class (2 hours) + (pose inquiry and breakdown held at the end of class)
  • Breakfast 
  • Optional one hour inner work session (journalling and discussion)
  • Free time
  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • Afternoon restorative yoga class (2 hours)
  • Dinner 
  • Evening activity

Please become acquainted with the retreat center Mar de Jade

What is one thing that you can commit to over the course of the next two months that will enhance your retreat experience? 

Meditate for 5 minutes a day

Practice yoga every day even if it's for 10 minutes 

Be mindful of changes that you would like to begin making in your life

We look forward to seeing you in Mexico!!
Cynthia & Kristin



1. Retreat Participants will be entitled to a full refund less 10% of the total cost, with notice at least 60 days prior to the scheduled arrival date. 

2. With notice of cancellation 59 days or less from the scheduled arrival date, there will be a cancellation penalty of 25% of the total cost. 

3. No refund with notice of cancellation less than two weeks prior to arrival. 

4. Retreat participants are responsible for all nights reserved at the rates reserved. There are no refunds or pro-rating for arriving later, leaving earlier (or participating in only some of the activities/scheduled yoga classes) than the reserved dates.