Five Minute Meditation

We tend to think of the act of sitting/being still/or meditation, whatever you choose to call it, to be so daunting, so out of reach, so beyond our capabilities. Despite the benefits we know we will reap from it, the news articles that tell us it is good for our brain and the fact that we actually crave the idea of it, we still don’t seem to find the time to fit it in. But if not now, then when? These are the days of our lives, today is the only day that really matters and just as we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and vacations why not celebrate the gift of this day?

How to begin your meditation:

  • I find it helpful to find a space in your house that you can dedicate to your meditation practice. Whether it’s a section of your bedroom, a corner of your living room, a comfortable chair that allows you to sit upright or a favorite spot in your garden, dedicate it as your spot to experience peace and stillness.
  • Place some items on a tiny table or on a rug in your new sanctuary, candles, photos, quotes can be hung on the wall, anything that makes you feel content, grateful, inspired and at ease.
  • You may choose to have a meditation outfit, a sweater you love or socks that are cozy and warm, the piece, that when it’s worn, signifies that it is your special time to be still. Having this area or these items helps create a ritual around your time to sit. It becomes special and unique rather than another thing to check off your to do list.
  • Once you are ready to meditate, click on the video below. 


5 Minute Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is often referred to as “yogic sleep”. The idea being that we tend to sleepwalk through our days, unaware to how our thoughts, other people, food or situations are affecting us. Or why we are tired, sad or left feeling unfulfilled at the end of the day. Nidra, which mimics sleep, is practiced to wake us up to our energy, to our alignment, to our true power so we can see clearly and live a more fulfilled life.

How to begin your yoga nidra:

  • Practice this five minute guided meditation when you wake up in the morning, before you go to bed at night, or anytime throughout the day that you need a short rejuvenating break.
  • Simply lie on your back and click on the link below.


5 Minute Journal Exercise

Kahlil Gibran said, “The appearance of things change according to the emotions and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.”

How to begin your journal exercise:

  • Grab something to write in and with. Open to a blank page. 
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes
  • Sit quietly for a moment and access how you feel. 

If emotionally you feel great, then today’s journal exercise will be to give gratitude and write repeatedly how you feel. For example: at the top of the page write “Thank you! Today I feel: strong, creative, inspired, open, supported, intuitive, connected…..etc.” Write only one word over and over or write as many words that come to you in the moment. Set your timer for 5 minutes and begin!

Of course we can always find things to be grateful for but some days, as amazing as life is, we can’t shake that situation or someone that we wish were different or more to our liking. If this is the case for you right now then today’s journal will be a bit different. At the top of the page write: “If (write the situation) were more to my liking I would feel: grounded, abundant, liberated, light, joyful, happy, free…….etc.” The idea being we can never control the externals but we do have ultimate control how we feel in the moment. Set your timer for 5 minutes and begin!

As Gibran says, we have to first find the beauty and magic within. Set the stage for each day with this simple exercise. Move into your duties and responsibilities and relationships, everything that makes up your everyday, from a place of feeling and knowing your inner strength, courage, peace, calm, loving kindness, and connection.